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How to be successful without an academic degree

Is it still possible today to find a good job, have the prospect of a decent career, or even become the head of a company without an academic degree?

Even though an academic degree or a successfully completed apprenticeship look good on your CV and often make it easier for you to find a job, it is not impossible to find a job without one.

However, you should develop some traits to get your foot in the door:

You should be aware that when looking for a job, you will not always be successful. However, that should not discourage you from achieving your goal and is probably the best prerequisite for starting a stress-free career.

It can quickly become a special feature. Only a few people are confident enough to apply for a position that requires a certain qualification. So send off your application anyway. Recruiters may well appreciate your courage.

Personal stories and your background are more important than numbers and dates. So, rely on telling your story at the interview, tell them what makes you special and which of your collected experiences are the most important for you.

Especially in a small country like Luxembourg, social contacts can be quite helpful. Ask your friends to help you find a job, to keep their eyes open for vacancies in their sphere, and possibly put in a good word or even arrange a meeting for you.

Not having a degree should not stop you from educating yourself further. There are numerous offers, such as evening classes or further education seminars which will be accepted without problem. This will look good on your CV.

Once you have been invited to an interview, first impressions count, which goes not only for you but for all candidates. To make a good impression, the name of the game is: self-confidence, a friendly demeanour and a positive attitude. Prepare yourself thoroughly for the interview.

Being rejected can be hard and having no diploma can put obstacles in your way. But please do not be discouraged. Pursue your goals to achieve what you want. A rejection is a setback but no reason to give up.