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How to spend a successful evening among colleagues

An official company function or simply a meeting among co-workers is not a big deal for most employees. Recently arrived at your new workplace, you may not feel so comfortable in your new environment, may still be a little shy; under these circumstances, an invitation to an evening among colleagues could not be more inconvenient, and for some, it may feel like a kind of test. There are a handful of tips on how you can still experience a pleasant and successful evening.

Listen and look carefully

A first phase of analysis can help you get an overview, as well as help you find out which of your colleagues you can identify with. You should also join the people you work with most closely. Make sure you don‘t spend too much time in this "observation phase". Just watching without saying a word can quickly make a strange impression.

Think of conversation topics beforehand

There is hardly anything more unpleasant than talking to someone, and suddenly both parties run out of things to say. Still, even the simplest topics can help revive the conversation. For example, you could give your personal opinion about the evening without, of course, being too critical. It is also a good idea to let your conversation partner talk about themselves. Just ask them about their career, their job experiences, and so on. However, avoid personal questions, so as not to be too inquisitive or intrusive.

Hold back

Inappropriate clothing, the disclosure of controversial opinions, talking too loudly, drinking too much: pay attention to what you reveal of yourself and what picture that paints. Even if it is a relaxed evening with a relaxed atmosphere, your environment remains professional and your colleagues will cross your path again the very next morning. It would be very uncomfortable if you have already conveyed a negative image. Sure, one or two glasses can help break the ice, but it should stop at that. Excessive consumption of alcohol is one of the most frequently committed faux-pas at company functions.

Chat with colleagues you have less to do with in everyday life as well.

Mingle with people

Try not to talk only to the people you know best. Chat with colleagues you have less to do with in everyday life as well. Spending the whole evening with the same person is often interpreted as being "too closed off to others". Join conversations in a subtle way or approach people and revert to your "emergency conversational topics."

Everything in good measure

Talk about yourself – but not too much. Ask questions – but not too many. Mingle with your colleagues – without imposing. Be relaxed – without letting go too much. Try to find some balance between all of this, no matter how relaxed the evening may be, a part of you is still at work.