Job InterviewHow do I negotiate my starting salary?

The money issue is often a little tricky

Job seekers especially sometimes do not know the appropriate value or salary of a job. Am I going in too high or too low? Do I bargain or take the first proposal I'm offered for fear of worsening my chances of being hired??

You should first inform yourself about the current state of the market. How much are equivalent positions in other companies paid? One should also compare companies within the country that you want to work in, since neighbouring countries usually have different wage levels. Personal experience must also be taken into account.

It is about being able to live comfortably despite everything.

You also have to consider your total everyday expenses. For example, if you move to a new city, your rent may change. If you have a child, you also have more costs. It is about being able to live comfortably despite everything. The total pay package also plays a role: a thirteenth salary, food vouchers, health insurance, bonuses etc.

Working at large companies does not necessarily guarantee a higher income. In these companies, matters are often already fixed and remain very rigid. There may be little room for negotiation. In smaller companies, some benefits can be better negotiated. Here you can even come up with your own ideas that the boss did not immediately think of.

Finally, it is useful to speak the same language as the person sitting opposite you.

Do we understand each other regarding specific conditions? It is important to discuss it in any case in order to avoid surprises.