Career & job searchThe four phases to burn-out


Burn-out is one of the most common illnesses among employees. The first signs can be recognised at an early stage. The course of the illness up to complete exhaustion can be divided into four phases:


At first everything goes according to plan, the work is fun, it seems to be exactly what you imagined under the job description. You get on brilliantly with your colleagues and all the tasks come easily.

Alarming phase:

working hours start to lengthen and take up personal time. The first signs are usually physical sleep disturbances, severe fatigue, musculoskeletal disorders, weight loss, etc.


Affected people tend to experience negative emotions, loss of self-esteem, discouragement, despair. Addictive behaviour can occur in addition to this development: Alcohol, drugs, but also coffee or food.

Final phase:

The exhausted worker is hardly recognisable and shows radical behavioural disorders.