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When once again It is, “Back to work!”

After the long summer, for most workers it will probably be back to setting the alarm and getting up early, as work calls!

In order to resume work after a relaxing holiday without stress and on the right foot, workers should follow the following practical tips:

Before the holiday:

in order to avoid any stress on return, you should complete all outstanding tasks before going on your well-deserved holiday. Also, colleagues should be informed in good time about any deadlines, to avoid exposing them to unnecessary stress.

Get up early:

sleeping in was yesterday. For a successful return to work, it is therefore advisable, if possible, to get used to the daily sleeping routine two or three days before resuming work. Those who find it particularly hard to get up early should plan in a few minutes more on the first day of work and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or a hearty breakfast to start the day happy.

Plan a transitional day:

travelling during one’s holiday is commonplace these days. There is no better way to get away from it all for a while. Getting used to the idea of resuming work becomes even more difficult after a stay at the beach.

Travellers should therefore definitely treat themselves to a transitional day between returning and going back to work, especially those who travel a little further, to avoid unpleasant jet lag.

holiday travel
after the holiday is already well-known before the holiday

End of the week:

it can often help if you arrange your first day back at work to be a Thursday or even Friday. Since only one or two days of the week remain, your working day starts more relaxed with the weekend right in front of you, where you can rest a bit.

„Don’t force anything“

at first seems counterproductive to most, but it is important to give yourself time to get back into the normal daily routine and not to put too much pressure on yourself.

That way, your own body will get used to work again during the first week, and work will quickly become a piece of cake again.

The importance of making a list:

it is the first days after a long absence that are the most stressful. Paperwork has piled up and the inbox is jammed with emails. In that case, it is important to keep a clear head. A classic to-do list can be very helpful. All tasks can be sorted according to urgency and done one after the other.

Catching up with work:

the longer the holiday, the greater the relaxation – but all the more that you have missed at the workplace. To catch up and get back up to speed as fast as possible, it can be helpful to have lunch with colleagues. This also gives you the opportunity to talk about the past holiday, to lighten the mood with interesting stories and to cultivate social contacts.


what will happen after the holiday is already well-known before the holiday. The experiences made during the last time off can be used by employees to be better prepared for future holidays. What has worked well this year and should definitely be repeated? What could be done even better to ensure a smooth flow at the office during your own absence? If tasks and appointments accumulate on return, this may be a sign that not enough preparation took place before the holidays.

Bring your holiday to work:

small souvenirs or printed photos can help stretch the relaxed mood of the holiday a little longer. These also certainly provide topics for conversation and are the perfect icebreaker between colleagues. Also, reminiscing on your last holiday is guaranteed to sweeten the waiting time until the next one.